The Future of Work is NOW ...

SPARK your MyWy is driven to remove obstacles that get in an organization's way to fulfill its purpose - We do this through an integrated approach focused on reducing “the gap” that exists within an organization's ASPIRATIONAL VALUES (purpose) and its PRACTICED VALUES (organizational health/culture).

... is your organization READY?

We are at an incredible time of transformation. It is thrilling and exciting and inspiring to know that with the Digital Transformation at our doorstep we are being challenged to be as HUMAN as ever; to break organizational silos; to unlock the human potential within our organizations; to grow and evolve.  We are at a time when "Brand will become more important than ever..." Gary Vaynerchuk - And Brand will be more than ever equal to CULTURE and the actions and interactions of EACH member of our organization (frontline employees are the brand ambassadors - but it takes every one of us).  Purpose driven organizations, with high employee engagement and a commitment to inclusivity, growth mindsets, human investment, and effective introduction of new technologies will thrive.  

Oxygen Series

"We cannot change what we are not aware of, and once we are aware, we cannot help but change." Sheryl Sandberg

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A Spark ...

Every organization started with a dream SPARK. A spark of hope, of intent, of meaning and purpose - a MyWy. The spark grew and created a fire.


Starts a Fire ...

A fire of creation, of action, of teamwork, of determination - an ignited MyWy.


Dampened by

Time ...

Time does not forgive, and its ripples are felt even by the strongest of fires. Rapid growth, introduction of new technologies,. digital transformation, competing priorities, new team members, changes in leadership, competitive pressures, changes in customer needs can dampen the fire - a dampened MyWy. A dampened fire feels like burnout, silo-based thinking, disengaged employees, low rates of customer retention, poor customer reviews, high team member turnover.

embers fire.JPG

RE-ignited by Oxygen ...

Oxygen can revive the smallest of embers - a re-ignited spark feels like team members’ being seen, their voices being heard, their commitment re-invigorated - a re-ignited MyWy.

Reasons for the existence of the "GAP" between PRACTICED VALUES and ASPIRATIONAL VALUES within organizations:

Lack of clarity of purpose

We help organizations re-engage or re-discover their why; re-ignite their desire and re-discover the real job to be done.

Lack of alignment / Organizational Health

We help organizations re-invest in their organizational health and build cohesion in their leadership teams; exhibit the practice of radical candor; choose courage over comfort and the effective collaboration of multi-generational teams.

Lack of execution between purpose and culture

We help organizations identify opportunities to put their brand in motion and deliver on their brand experience by building loyalty; maximizing the power of moments; and creating effective retention marketing strategies.

Let's talk

I'm truly interested in you and your journey as a dreamer, spark-er of action and entrepreneur and can learn a lot from you.   What is your MyWy?  How does it drive you? What have you learned through this journey? I really would love to learn your story - send me a note!

Looking forward to connecting!