Our MyWy

“We want consumers to FEEL the UNIQUE GIFT an organization brings into the world.” is driven to help consumers FEEL the UNIQUE GIFT an organization brings into the world by removing obstacles that get in an organization’s  way to fulfill its purpose - We do this through an approach focused on reducing “the gap” that exists between our partners’ PRACTICED VALUES (organizational health/culture) and their ASPIRATIONAL VALUES (purpose). focuses on 3 major areas for the existence of “the gap” between practiced values and aspirational values within organizations - 

  1. Lack of clarity of PURPOSE (BE your brand)

  2. Lack of ALIGNMENT (BREATHE your brand)

  3. Lack of execution between PURPOSE and CULTURE (BUILD your brand)

Get in Touch

Our Values


We make genuine human connections with people. We listen to their hidden story.


We discover the real job to be done (other’s goals).  We follow up to strengthen the relationship.


We share insights openly to help others win; we surprise them with unexpected extras.

Human First

We “have other’s best interest in mind as well as your own when making decisions and taking actions.” - Charles Feltman.