• Olga C. Piehler -


I found a voice inside of me

that’s not fearful, but mighty and free.

Tall as a giant and roars like a beast

a voice that can whisper a butterfly’s kiss.

Playful, funny and punches with wit.

Caring, gentle and smiles showing teeth.

I found a voice …

… a voice inside of me

A voice that is truthful and shakes from time to time.

It even gets stuck, as tears take over its path.

But there is a voice…

...a voice inside of me

A voice that screams


A voice that loves me and wants me to succeed

And sings in secret and giggles with glee.

It says “you are beautiful, and you, and you and me.”

A childish innocence that questions non-stop,

generous and giving with kindness in its sound.

And when it gets excited speeds up way too fast.

It has an accent and at times others laugh.

It can comfort the grieving, encourage a child,

scold a wrong-doing and whisper upon a start.

This is the voice…

...the voice inside of me

You have a voice…

...a voice inside of you

Have you found it?

What does it say to you?

Does it tell you to jump as high as you can go?

Or thread lightly my dear you may trip and fall?

Does it say “I love you, I’m so glad that I’m you.”

Or does it compare you to others

And yells “you are not good.”

We have a voice…

...a voice inside of us

Do you hear it?

I hear it!

It reminds me to breathe when things get too hard.

It curses in anger and even surprise.

I found a voice…

...a voice deep inside

It blazes like fire and it is hot as the Sun.

It breathes on conviction speaking up when it’s time

not scared of the other voices that are also inside.

“Child, hear me out

just listen to me …

I’m the voice that’s inside you,

please believe me.”

I like this voice…

...this voice inside of me.

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