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Updated: Oct 1, 2020

As of late, I have come across several insights that have given me pause … it’s like the universe is trying to tell me something. Do you ever feel like that? All of the sudden random things / events / interactions / encounters happen; all with some common thread and you say to yourself “hmmm … that’s weird!” and you want to scream to others “you WON’T believe what just happened (again)!!” (feeling frustrated because you KNOW they can’t fully understand the magic you are trying to describe). Well … let me tell you … YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT JUST HAPPENED … AGAIN!!

Lately, it feels that quotes, thoughts and sayings regarding … what is the … TRUTH keep finding me. Let me give you a few examples. I was reading a book by Andy Andrews titled The Bottom of the Pool (great book - you really should get it!) and this quote stood out: “Something can be true … and yet still not be the TRUTH.” I consumed that information and my brain literally did that explosion little sound that tells you your mind was just BLOWN. Alright, let’s fast forward to the next event… it came in the form of a tweet by Claude Silver (Chief Heart Officer at VaynerMedia and currently one of my biggest rock stars): “Let’s find “right” together. It’s not my right or your right. Let’s find “right” together.” And another one came to me through a quote by Jamil Zaki in his book The War for Kindness when he is describing growing up between two worlds after his parents divorce while striving to be connected to both of them: “ … that two people’s experiences could differ so drastically yet both be TRUE and DEEP…”

I have also been reading and engaging in a lot of conversation regarding the future of work (exciting, fascinating, amazing things happening here) and the common thread relates to the importance of being as human as ever; of allowing others (and ourselves) to bring our whole selves to work; of inclusivity; of continuous learning; of growth mindsets and growth management (as opposed to talent management; and of creating workplace environments of “true” belonging. Brené Brown advises us on “true” belonging: “True belonging does not require you to change who you are. It only requires you to BE who you are.” I also came across an episode of the Chase Jarvis Live show featuring Mel Robbins where she says: “Until you actually learn the wisdom of you and the power of you; you can’t look at the big stuff and successfully in my mind go get it. You’ll be the kind of person that maybe checks boxes but never feels satisfied as you do it. You’re always onto the next, you’re always chasing next because you have run right past the number one thing that you are supposed to figure out in your lifetime, which is WHO you are and how to listen to it.” In the fourth decade of my life I have been on a journey where I discovered the importance of “Know Thyself”. “You should know all your weaknesses in order that you may bridge them or eliminate them entirely. You should know all your strengths in order that you may call attention to them when selling personal services.” Napoleon Hill - Think and Grow Rich.

Knowing thyself is NOT easy - it requires intention, strength, acceptance, commitment and perseverance. It asks for an open mind - an ability to listen to others, to be accountable, responsible, authentic, courageous. It requires to listen to our truth and to speak it when it’s popular AND most importantly when it is unpopular. It demands that we show up as ourselves, each and every day, without wavering and with a willingness to be stronger than the storms that will pass us. It invites us to celebrate our strengths and shine light in our weaknesses so that they cannot hide in the shadows and conspire against us. It forces us to take responsibility of action to eliminate the “got-yas” that prevent us from reaching our potential. The hardest thing knowing thyself will ever ask of us is to believe in the miracle of our existence, to trust it, and to love ourselves above all else so that we can nurture us and allow us to be ALL THAT WE CAN BE.

As we get to know ourselves and discover our truth; we must understand and respect the truth of others as they get to know themselves and discover their truths. And here is where my mind makes that explosion sound again … if my truth is true and others truths are also true… then I must understand (deeply understand) and accept that there is space to be discovered yet still and that by doing so my truth expands and becomes TRUER. Andy Andrews warns us: “There is danger in what is true for most who find it cancel their search for anything beyond what they have already found.” Let’s keep learning from each other; let’s be professional truth seekers; let’s have our truths expand by the truths of others; let’s BE INCLUSIVE; let’s be aware that we may have found an answer but not THE answer; let’s continue to grow. BE SEEN; SEE OTHERS; KEEP LEARNING.

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